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Sky Burger


Sky BurgerSky Burger is a fast-paced mobile game that challenges players to build towering burgers by catching falling ingredients. The game offers a fun and entertaining experience that will keep you hooked for hours.

In Sky Burger, you play as a chef who must catch the falling ingredients to build the perfect burger. As the ingredients fall from the sky, you need to move your burger bun from side to side to catch them. The more ingredients you catch, the bigger your burger will become.

To make things more challenging, the game features different types of ingredients that require different techniques to catch. For example, lettuce and cheese are easy to catch, while bacon and tomato slices require more precise timing.

As you build your burger, you will earn coins that can be used to buy new ingredients and customize your burger. You can also unlock new backgrounds and earn achievements as you progress through the game.

Sky Burger is easy to play and suitable for all ages. The game offers simple but addictive gameplay, with bright and colorful graphics that will keep you engaged. Whether you're looking to kill time or have some fun, Sky Burger is a great game to check out.


Game category: Hypercasual

Sky Burger





Game Rating: 79%

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How to play this game:

1. Assemble the Burger: The objective of the game is to assemble burgers as high as possible by catching the ingredients falling from the sky. To start, tap on the "Play" button to begin your game.

2. Catch the Ingredients: Move your burger platform from side to side by swiping your finger left or right on the screen. You need to catch the ingredients before they hit the ground or you'll lose that ingredient. Catch all the ingredients you can to make the biggest burger possible.

3. Don't Drop the Ingredients: If you fail to catch an ingredient, it will fall to the ground, and you'll lose that ingredient. You also need to avoid catching any unwanted ingredients like rotten tomatoes or expired cheese as they will spoil your burger.

4. Add Toppings: Once you've caught an ingredient, it will automatically be added to your burger. Keep catching the ingredients until you've assembled a complete burger with all the toppings.

5. Serve the Burger: The higher you stack your burger, the more points you earn. Once you've assembled your burger, it's time to serve it. Tap on the "Serve" button to finalize your burger and earn your points. You can also share your score on social media to challenge your friends to beat your high score.

6. Upgrade Your Restaurant: Use the coins you earn to upgrade your restaurant by buying new items like better burger platforms, improved toppings, or even decorations. As you upgrade, you'll be able to catch more ingredients and make even bigger burgers.

7. Keep Playing: Sky Burger is a game of skill and speed, so keep playing and perfecting your burger-making skills. With multiple levels and challenges, you'll never run out of burgers to assemble.

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