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SwingersSwingers is a fun and addictive mobile game that is perfect for killing time. The objective of the game is simple - you have to swing from platform to platform using a rope, while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins along the way.

The game features a colorful and vibrant design, with a variety of different levels and challenges to keep you engaged. Each level is filled with different obstacles such as spikes, fire, and rotating blades that you must avoid in order to progress.

To play the game, you simply need to tap and hold the screen to swing your character forward. The longer you hold the screen, the further your character will swing. Timing is crucial, as you need to let go at the right moment to land on the next platform. Collect coins along the way to increase your score and unlock new characters.

One of the most exciting aspects of Swingers is the ability to customize your character. You can choose from a variety of different characters, each with their own unique look and personality. You can also unlock new ropes and skins for your character, allowing you to personalize your gameplay experience.

The game also features a leaderboard, allowing you to compete against other players around the world for the highest score. With simple and intuitive controls, fun gameplay, and endless replay value, Swingers is a must-play game for anyone looking for a quick and addictive mobile gaming experience.


Game category: Hypercasual






Game Rating: 67%

Play gamePLAY

How to play this game:

1. Launch the game and click on the "Play" button to start.

2. You'll see a monkey hanging from a rope. Your objective is to make it swing to the next rope by tapping on the screen at the right moment.

3. The monkey will release the rope and swing forward. You need to tap the screen again at the right time to make it grab onto the next rope.

4. The game has a physics-based engine, so the monkey's movements will be affected by the speed, angle, and timing of your taps.

5. Keep repeating this process to make the monkey swing from one rope to another. Your score will increase as you swing further.

6. The game becomes more challenging as you progress, with different obstacles such as birds, fire, and spikes appearing. You need to time your taps and swings perfectly to avoid hitting these obstacles.

7. You can collect bananas along the way, which can be used to unlock new monkeys with different appearances and abilities.

8. If you hit an obstacle, the game ends, and you can see your score and try again to beat your high score.

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