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Breakout Rush


Breakout RushBreakout Rush is a fast-paced, arcade-style game available on mobile devices that challenges players to break through various levels by destroying bricks and advancing to new levels. In the game, players control a paddle at the bottom of the screen and use it to hit a ball, which then bounces off the walls and the bricks above. The objective is to break all of the bricks in the level before the ball falls off the bottom of the screen.

The game features a variety of power-ups that players can collect by hitting certain bricks. These power-ups can help players by increasing the size of their paddle, adding extra balls to the screen, or even slowing down time. However, players must be careful, as some power-ups can also make the game more challenging by speeding up the ball or making it harder to control.

As players progress through the game, they will encounter new levels with different layouts and brick patterns. Some levels even feature bosses that players must defeat by hitting them with the ball multiple times. The game also includes an endless mode, where players can continue to play and earn high scores until they run out of lives.

With its simple yet addictive gameplay, colorful graphics, and fast-paced action, Breakout Rush is the perfect game for players looking for a fun and challenging arcade experience on their mobile device.


Game category: Arcade

Breakout Rush





Game Rating: 72%

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How to play this game:

To play the game, you start by launching the ball using the paddle to hit it. The ball will bounce off the walls and the bricks, breaking them as it goes. The paddle moves left and right, and you must use it to keep the ball in play and prevent it from falling off the bottom of the screen.

As you progress through the levels, you will encounter different types of bricks that require multiple hits to break. Some bricks also have power-ups that you can collect to enhance your gameplay, such as a larger paddle or multiple balls.

However, you must also avoid obstacles, such as moving bricks or obstacles that move across the screen. If the ball hits these obstacles, you will lose a life. You have a limited number of lives, and if you lose them all, you will have to restart the level.

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