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Squidly Game


Squidly GameSquidly Game is a fun and addictive mobile game that challenges players to guide a cute little squid through various obstacles and dangers to reach the end of each level. The game features a colorful underwater world, cute graphics, and lively sound effects that make for an engaging and entertaining experience.

In each level, the player must tap the screen to make the squid swim upwards and release to let it fall back down. The goal is to collect all the stars in each level while avoiding obstacles such as rocks, mines, and dangerous sea creatures like jellyfish and sharks. The squid must also watch out for air bubbles that represent its oxygen level. If the oxygen runs out, the squid will perish, and the level must be restarted.

As the player progresses through the levels, the difficulty increases, with more obstacles and hazards added to each level. The game also features power-ups that can help the squid, such as a shield that makes it invulnerable to damage or a speed boost that allows the squid to swim faster.

Squidly Game is a fun and challenging mobile game that will keep players engaged and entertained for hours. With its cute graphics and addictive gameplay, it's a must-play for anyone who loves arcade-style games.


Game category: Action

Squidly Game





Game Rating: 78%

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How to play this game:

1. When you first open the game, you'll see a screen with a start button. Tap the start button to begin.

2. The game consists of several levels, each with a different objective. The first level requires you to tap the screen to make your squid swim upwards and avoid obstacles. The second level requires you to collect all the coins scattered throughout the level.

3. To play the game, simply tap the screen to make your squid swim upwards. Release your finger to let the squid drop back down. Your objective is to guide the squid through the level and reach the end without hitting any obstacles or enemies.

4. Along the way, you'll encounter various power-ups and collectibles. Collecting coins and power-ups will help you advance through the game and achieve higher scores.

5. As you progress through the game, the levels will become more challenging and the obstacles will become more difficult to avoid. You'll need to be quick and agile to make it through each level.

6. If you hit an obstacle or an enemy, the game is over and you'll need to start over from the beginning of the level.

7. After you complete a level, you'll see your score and have the option to continue to the next level or replay the current level to try and achieve a higher score.

8. Keep playing and see how far you can go!

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