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Tiles Hop 3D


Tiles Hop 3DTiles Hop 3D is a fun and addictive music game that challenges players to jump and hop their way through a series of levels while listening to catchy tunes. The game features an array of colorful, three-dimensional tiles that players must navigate as they jump and bounce to the beat of the music.

In the game, players must tap the screen to hop their ball from one tile to another, while avoiding obstacles and collecting gems along the way. Each level features a different track, with a variety of genres to choose from, including pop, rock, EDM, and more.

As players progress through the levels, the game becomes increasingly challenging, with more complex patterns of tiles and obstacles to navigate. The game also features a variety of power-ups that can help players, such as shields and extra lives, as well as unlockable characters and skins.

One of the unique features of Tiles Hop 3D is the ability to create and customize your own levels, using the game's built-in editor. Players can choose their own music and design their own layouts, creating unique challenges to share with friends and the wider community.

Overall, Tiles Hop 3D is a fun and engaging game that combines addictive gameplay, great music, and creative design tools. Whether you're a music lover or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, Tiles Hop 3D is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.


Game category: Arcade

Tiles Hop 3D





Game Rating: 80%

Play gamePLAY

How to play this game:

1. Launch the game and select a song: After starting the game, you can choose a song from the available list. Each song has a different difficulty level and style of tiles.

2. Start hopping: Once you have selected a song, the game will start. The ball will automatically start hopping on the tiles. Your job is to tap the screen at the right time to make the ball jump to the next tile. Make sure to time your taps correctly, as missing a tile will cause the ball to fall off the path.

3. Collect gems and power-ups: As you hop on the tiles, you will come across gems and power-ups that you can collect to boost your score and earn rewards. Some power-ups will make the ball invincible or give you extra time to hop on tiles.

4. Follow the rhythm: The key to success in Tiles Hop 3D is to follow the rhythm of the music. The tiles are designed to match the beat of the song, so pay attention to the rhythm and use it to time your jumps.

5. Customize your ball: You can customize your ball by unlocking new skins using gems. Skins can be unlocked by completing challenges and achievements or by purchasing them in the in-game store.

6. Beat your high score: The game is endless, so your goal is to hop as far as possible and beat your high score. You can check your progress on the leaderboard and compete with other players from around the world.

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